Fit Food Tasty


Fit Food Tasty

Delicious and Nutritious Meal Prep from Somerset! Choose from a large variety of meals, delivered straight to your home. Fit Food Tasty has started from a passionate guy trying to help out his friends with healthy prepared meals. Due to the high-quality of the meals, Fot Food Tasty has managed to grow Somerset wide and has recently launched shipping its meals UK nationwide!

There are multiple different ways you can enjoy our meals and it all depends on what works for you.

We have:

Weekly meal plans

Pre-selected meal packages


Bulking meal plans and meal prep packages

Weight loss meal plans and meal prep packages

Our weekly meal plans are collected/delivered twice per week for maximum freshness. You can choose to have them delivered on Monday & Thursday or Sunday & Wednesday. You can pick and choose every meal, we can choose for you, or you can even get in touch with us and discuss which meals may be best for you.

Our pre-set meal packages are discounted one-off packages of meals we have specifically chosen for that particular package.

If you just want to scroll through our entire menu and pick what you like, then each meal has their individual price displayed.

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