Best Meal Prep delivery services in the UK

What should one actually choose as their own Meal Prep or Ready Meal provider? By Nick Raimondo.

Best Meal Prep delivery services in the UK
Nicola Raimondo

Nicola Raimondo

Co-Founder at Marvin's Den

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The ready meals delivery & Meal Prep delivery landscape is booming in the UK, there are new companies offering this service and the ones already established are growing at a rapid pace.

The choice is larger than it has ever been which begs the questions…what should one actually choose as their own Meal Prep or Ready Meal provider?

Best for Value


KBK’s meals start at just over £4 which is incredibly low while quality of the meals is really good.

KBK has a wide range of international meals and a constantly changing menu - you just pick a plan between Get Lean, Everyday, Build depending on your health & fitness goal.

Within the world of meal prep delivery, KBK is a great for getting in shape on a more affordable budget.

KBK has a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot

Best for Fitness

Key to Food

Key to Food, like KBK, is also based on 3 meal plans: Burn, Balance, Build to cater more precisely to your goal.

However, Key to Food goes a further step by being flexible in adapting their plans further to your dietary needs.

Furthermore, the owner of Key to Food is a certified PT who has a close eye on the kitchen.

It is definitely a more expensive option than KBK, but Key to Food makes it easier to reach your goal as shown by examples of Key to Food’s 12-week transformations testimonials on Instagram.

Key to Food has a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot

Best for Vegan

Root Kitchen

Looking to stick to a vegan or plant-based diet but it is too hard to do on your own? LOoking to incorporate more veggies into your meal routine but it’s too much of a hassle?

Root Kitchen is there to help you out, they have a wide range of international vegan meals and some of them really do not taste like vegan food! Some of their bakes like the moussaka has a vegan bechamel sauce which is out of this world!

Root Kitchen has a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot

Best for Frozen

Batch & Thyme

Prepared in Mission Kitchen in New Covent Garden, London - Batch & Thyme is a small team of passionate women-chef who take frozen meals to the next level!

Expect super tasty lasagne and incredibly comforting pies, just get your oven ready and enjoy!

Batch & Thyme has a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot

Best for Choice

Marvin’s Den

On this app you can actually order from 3 of the above Meal Prep companies!

That’s Key to Food, Root Kitchen & Batch & Thyme!

All the Meal Prep and Ready Meals companies are great at what they do, but Marvin’s Den believes that sticking to one company is like going to the same restaurant everyday.

Sure, the recipes do change on a daily basis, however there is still some element of boredom of always eating from the same packaging, the same kind of flavours due to the chef’s style etc.

That’s where Marvin’s Den comes in; Marvin’s Den is a mobile app marketplace for exploring, ordering and getting Meal Prep & Ready Meals delivered to your home.

On Marvin’s Den you can change it up easily and each week order from a different Meal Prep company, while keeping it easy and not needing to hustle between different companies webpages.

On Marvin’s Den it’s all on one mobile app which does not charge you any delivery fee or any service fee and there are no subscription commitments - you just pay for what you order!

Marvin’s Den has 4.3 rating on Trustpilot, with 8 reviews all rating Marvin’s Den 5 stars out of 5!

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